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Panama City Beach Number 1 Place to Own a Summer Home

Posted May 31, 2008 @ 10:13 am by Jason Koertge, Filed under: Real Estate Market
According to AOL Money and Finance, Panama City Beach is The Number 1 Place to Own a Summer Home.

In an article that came out Thursday May 29, 2008 Kelli B. Grant with SmartMoney.com wrote that amid the credit crunch “someone else’s misfortune could work in your favor.”  Home prices are down and according to the short article, if you are in for the long-term and plan to use your second home, now is a great time to buy.

Quoting the article for Panama City Beach:

There’s something for everyone in this Panhandle town where white “sugar sand” beaches along the Gulf of Mexico give way to inland attractions, including six championship golf courses and an active restaurant and nightlife scene. Prices for beachfront property run the gamut from $100,000 for a one-bedroom condo, to $2 million-plus for single-family homes of five bedrooms or more, according to vacation rental site HomeAway.com.

Why Buy Now: Besides the weather (temperatures rarely dip below the 60s, even in January) a new international airport is slated to open in the next couple of years. With it comes low-cost carriers and an abundance of nonstop flights. (Currently, flying from New York involves at least one connection and travel time of anywhere from 4.5 to 13 hours. In comparison, a nonstop flight from New York to Orlando takes about two hours.) That ease of access should help boost tourism — and property values, says Anil Pereira, CEO of SecondSpace.com, a property-finding service. “It’ll be more feasible to own a second home there,” he says. “People will be able to fly in for the weekend.”

There you have it folks, the opinion of someone much smarter than I and completely outside our market.  We are the number one place to own a summer home, followed by the Pocono Mountains, PA, then The Crystal Coast, NC, Lake Tahoe, CA, and the Great Smokey Mountains, TN.




Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on:

The clear emerald water is the same. So is the bright white sand that
squeaks as you walk on it.

Beyond the high-tide mark, however, there is plenty new at
Panama City
Beach, Fla. New restaurants and shops. New condominium resorts,
bringing total rooms available to more than 21,200. Heck, there's even
a new circus.

Much of what's fresh this summer will be found at Pier Park, a $143
million, 920,000-square-foot open-air shopping, dining and
entertainment complex. You'll find major retailers such as Dillard's,
Target and J.C. Penny's, as well as local specialty shops.

And you'll find plenty of places to eat: Back Porch Seafood, Five Guys
Famous Hamburgers & Fries, Guglielmo'sItalian Restaurant, Hofbrau Beer
Garden, Panera Bread and Quizno's.

There may be no better place, though, to grab a beer and a bite by the
sea than Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Snag a table on the roof deck
where you can look across Front Beach Road to the white sand and blue-
green water stretching to the horizon.

When the sun goes down, you might head to Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a
little bit of Nashville moved to the Gulf Coast. Tootsie's, a landmark
honky-tonk in the country music capital, is where many musicians got
their start. Or at least a few free drinks. The Panama City Beach
branch will bring live music to Pier Park.

The 93-acre complex also has a 16-screen movie theater complex for
that rare rainy day.

The Florida State University Flying High Circus moves into a big top
pitched at Frank Brown Park, just across Back Beach Road from Pier

The FSU circus has performed at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain for
more than 40 years. A second troupe is set to perform at Circus by the
Sea for the next 10 years, producer Donald Hamrick said.

"The beach is craving family entertainment," he said.

Trapeze artists, jugglers, clowns and other acrobatic daredevils will
perform six nights a week beginning June 13.

The performers will also be instructors during a four-day Circus Camp
for children ages 7-12.

Parents are already registering children for the camp before they know
where they are staying, Hamrick said.

Those parents will have plenty of lodging options. More than a dozen
condominium resorts have arrived in the last year or so, including
Sterling Breeze, a complex a half-mile from Pier Park that opened in
March, and Splash, a 276-unit complex with its own water park that
opened last February.







I am not sure if you are aware, but in the midst of Holiday shopping, right before Christmas, a significant piece of legislation was passed. 

The Mortgage Relief Act of 2007 was signed into law and with the stroke of a pen, the market for those trained to execute Short Sales properly and professionally blew wide open.

As the foreclosure market continued to grow, seemingly larger and larger with each media report, there was one impediment that many real estate agents kept talking to us about. The dreaded 1099 issuance! 

With one fell swoop, the Mortgage Relief Act of 2007 removed this obstacle. No longer will the amount of debt being forgiven by the mortgage lender be taxable income to the Borrower. 

The way has been cleared for Short Sales.




Panama City Up 15% in Existing Condo Sales Statewide

Florida Association of REALTORS® (FAR) releases November 2007 home/condo resales data 

Panama City, Florida, January 3, 2008

Panama City Real Estate Market continues to show positive trend    

Florida Association of REALTORS® (FAR) this week released sales data for November 2007 existing condos and homes, and Panama City continues to stays ahead of the statewide curve.

Statewide, sales of existing condos declined 29 percent (2,375 units closed for November 2007 compared to 3,356 for November 2006).  In contrast Panama City shows a net increase of 15 percent (31 existing condo units closed in November 2007 compared to 27 closings in November 2006) for the second best showing in the state, only to Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie.  Panama City is followed by Daytona Beach with a 6 percent increase, with all other areas of the state posting negative percentage numbers. 

In sales of existing single-family homes, November 2007 shows a statewide decline of 30 percent (8,106 units closed in November 2007 compared to 11,609 in November 2006) while Panama City shows a net decrease of 21 percent (85 units closed in November 2007 versus 107 units closed in November 2006).  This places Panama City in fifth best position statewide only to Fort Walton Beach, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Melbourne and Daytona Beach. 

Existing single-family home and condominium prices in Panama City continue to see a market correction, with existing homes seeing a 9% reduction in November 2007 versus November 2006 and existing condos seeing a 12% reduction for the same period.  Efforts continue on the part of REALTORS® to educate sellers about realistic expectations while buyers continue to recognize the potential for long-term sustainable growth in Panama City and Northwest Florida.



Florida Sales Report - November 2007 Existing Condominiums

Florida down 29%, Panama City up 15%, for second least-affected area in Florida               Information courtesy of Florida Association of REALTOR


Realtor Sales

Statewide & Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)

 November 2007

November 2006

% Chg









Daytona Beach




Fort Lauderdale




Fort Myers-Cape Coral




Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie




Fort Walton Beach












Lakeland-Winter Haven




Palm Bay








Naples-Marco Island












Panama City








Punta Gorda












Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater




West Palm Beach-Boca Raton






December 8, 2007 courtesy of PCBDaily.com

Will Disney and Universal be coming here after all?

This past week I was sent a document presentation of our area and the future planned growth that we will see in the coming years. It was put together by Accrue Planning. I couldn’t find anything about them on the web, but I decided to post it anyway. There is some good information, but there is also other information that I’m not sure how accurate it is.

The document cites that there are no inventory, franchise, or state-level property taxes in our area and that our area remains to be attractive for businesses. Discussed in the 78,000 acre, master-planned West Bay Sector Plan by St. Joe and the new airport. Also discussed is the possibility of FedEx and UPS relocating their international operations centers here. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that has been confirmed.

The Gulf Coast Parkway will stretch from 231 to 98, just west of Mexico Beach and will improve hurricane evacuation, open up more development opportunities and reduce traffic through Tyndall Air Force Base. The Gulf Coast Parkway is also expected to open up travel corridors from the East Bay area to the new Airport.

Currently, Highway 79 is undergoing a transformation to a four-lane highway up to I-10 and there are plans to widen highway 77 up to I-10 as well. Actually, this could have already happened or begun already. My travels do not take me up that road.

Also in the document in information about Disney and Universal Studios coming to our area. I know nothing of the validity of this information, but they are claiming that 55,000 acres known as “Moody Pastures” is under contract and that Disney has spent money on the site. Also discussed is the possibility of Universal coming to the East Bay area.

Once gain, I feel it necessary to note that I was unable to find information on the publisher of this document and I do not endorse the validity of the information it contains.

Here is the link to the document: Northwest Florida Future Development








Airport Relocation Project Enters Construction Phase


        Panama City, Florida – (August 16, 2007) – The Panama City – Bay County International Airport and Industrial District (Airport Authority) announced today that its airport relocation project is entering the construction phase now that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued the final necessary federal permit, completing the permitting process. The new airport will be located in western Bay County north of County Road 388 and east of State Road 79 on land being donated by The St. Joe Company (NYSE: JOE).


“With the permitting process now complete, we have entered the construction phase of the project,” said Airport Authority Chairman Joe Tannehill.  “We intend to move expeditiously to a groundbreaking.”


“The receipt of this permit marks yet another major milestone in the decade long effort to bring better air service to Bay County and all of Northwest Florida,” said Tannehill.  “We have moved a giant step closer to providing this community the opportunity for better air service and more competitive fares; the opportunity to attract new business, industry and jobs to our region; and the opportunity to protect West Bay and preserve tens of thousands of acres for public use and enjoyment.”


            Under the terms of the Section 404 permit, The St. Joe Company is providing a conservation easement on 9,609 acres for the mitigation of airport construction impacts.  The land, located southeast of the airport site, will become part of the West Bay Preservation Area.  This easement will become permanent upon the commencement of construction of the airport. St. Joe is also donating 4,000 acres for the new airport site.


All Major State and Federal Permits for Airport Relocation Now in Hand


“We have now completed both the state and federal permitting process, and we have honored our commitment to protect and enhance West Bay as part of the airport relocation process,” said Tannehill.


Previously, the Airport Authority had received all necessary permits from the state of Florida, selected a project construction manager and secured financial commitments from the state of Florida and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The Airport Authority has received bids for the first phase of airport construction and will select a contractor shortly.  In addition, the Airport Authority is working to complete negotiations for the sale of the existing airport.


Rigorous Process Ensured Net Environmental Benefit


In evaluating the Airport Authority’s permit application, the USACE was required to consider 1) what cumulative impacts the project would have on the environment if the permits were approved, and 2) if practicable alternatives that would impact fewer wetlands exist. 


In issuing the Section 404 permit, the USACE concurred with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) analysis.  In its analysis, FDEP cited a number of net ecosystem benefits that will result from the project, including:

·        The conservation and permanent protection of significant contiguous portions of the West Bay region, including bay shoreline, wetlands, streams, uplands and the overall watershed;

·        A wetlands function lift significantly in excess of that needed to compensate for functional losses (impacts);

·        A mitigation plan that significantly exceeds both state and federal requirements for all possible current and future impacts; and

·        An effort to restore a large contiguous tract of uplands and wetlands to approximate historical conditions more suitable for dependent species native to the area.  





“C” comes at a time when the entire nation is focused on Panama City and its recent purported growth as a destination

of choice by Money, Forbes and Fortune Magazines. By currently shifting to a Buyer’s market, investors have, once again,

begun to “shop” in the Panama City Beach periphery. Home sales are up. The smart buyers are banking that 2-3 years

from now, once the new developments are complete, the support industry arrives, and the new airport is open,

Panama City will become the family destination of choice. And, given the opportunities that abound –we think they’re right!



In this past months Condo Owner magazine Peter Bos, one of the biggest most successful real estate developers in the Gulf Coast region, said it well. "Dont encourage your clients to list for sale there units, the reality is that the seller is making more money holding onto his property than the alternative use of money."

Lets take a look for a minute at the factors that typically drive real estate markets. First you have two major factors, one is local trends and the other is national trends.

The local trends are relative to job growth, migration in or out, path of progress, and new construction. The following two articles speak well of this for the Panama City area.

Slatin Report: Booming Bay County Click Here to see Entire Article

CNN: Top 10 Lists: Market by Market Click Here to see Entire Article

The second trend is the national market - the direction of the economy. Inflation, interest rates, and flow of funds are the indicators for direction for the national trend.

Based on everything we see these days, these indicators are all in check or are currently moving in a favorable direction. In a May 22nd article in the Wall Street Journal the headline asks "What's Worry No. 1? Growth or Inflation?" Both of these factors are typically true friends to the real estate investor.

The one trend that has no historical experience, that may well be the biggest factor, is that in the US over 77 million baby boomers are moving through their peak earning years during the next several years. That fact alone has the potential to drive the second home real estate market in a major way.

CNN Money reported in a May 19 article "Boomers bet on property for support in there retirement strategies. Many expect real estate to buoy retirement savings. One in four boomers own more than one property." David Lereah the NARS chief economist said in a statement "Boomers have an almost insatiable desire for real estate, boomers own 57% of vacation homes and 58% of rental property."

USA Today says "Baby boomers love their real estate. So much that they're counting on it to help them fund retirement." in a May 20th article.

The beautiful beaches of Panama City. Photo taken in April.

With this all said, we have seen some relaxing of the real estate market in Panama City recently, but based on the strong fundamentals (some of which are sighted in the aforementioned articles) we expect and believe what CNN forecasts ... "Panama City will have the strongest appreciation anywhere in the nation with a potential of 21% appreciation of real estate from june of 2006 to June of 2007."

If you are already invested in the Panama City market then good for you. We've got some great things to look forward to. If you're not yet invested in this market then now is the time. It's only a matter of time before demand catches up with supply. We'll continue to brief you on the exciting news coming out of this market.





Two new projects coming. Theme Park and Animal Kingdom

There is a purchase of over 790 acres at Smith Lake around Bonifay, the intersection of I-10 and Hwy 79,

and around Hwy 288 in Washington County. Two separate entities will put in 2 side by side parks.

One will be an animal kingdom and the other a theme park with music venues, roller coasters, etc.

This will employ over 1500 people. Blue Dolphin development out of Destin is handling the
development. It will be a 5 year build out at a cost of $150 million.

They are video taping a presentation to the public that will be shown for a public announcement on the news

for local Channels 4, 7 &13 on May 24th.


By Christopher Mitchell (cmitchell@wmbb.com)
News 13 On Your Side
Friday, June 2, 2006

Bonifay, FL - Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha's wild Kingdom series just bought 790 acres of land just outside Bonifay this week.

He's now developing an animal park on the land that's going to become a major tourist destination on the Florida panhandle.

But, according to the developer, Barbara Farris of Blue Doldphin II, the Jim Fowler safari-type park is only a small part of all that's

planned that will change the face of Bonifay forever.

Farris tells News 13 while point to a rendering of the park plans that a large theme park will be built next door to the animal park.

 "We're talking about 3 to 4 years from now when a celebrity coast theme park in this region (next to the animal park)" will be built.

She says the park will include amusement rides and have different sections themed after different celebrities.

An amphitheatre is also part of the plan, large enough to accommodate performances by the biggest singers and entertainers in the performing industry.

Groundbreaking for the Jim Fowler park is scheduled in two years once all the permits are in place.

 Farris says this is phase one of the three phase development plan. The second phase will be the large amphitheatre and third is the celebrity theme park.

She says the development will include affordable housing developments and numerous shopping venues.

The Jim Fowler safari-type park is scheduled to be complete in five years.








The Slatin Report
The Slatin Report
The Slatin Report

> PLACE | Florida 03 29, 2006



The new Bay County welcome mat in the form of an airport.
Build it and they will come. Occasionally that happens in real life, and in the case of Bay County, Florida, it's about to happen in a big way. By the end of this decade, Bay County (and its main city, Panama City), promises to be among the fastest growing areas in the state, if not the nation.

"It" in this case is a new international airport in Bay County, the first major airport developed in the United States in years. "They" are home-buying retirees from the Midwest and Northeast, time-sharing vacationers, beachfront aficionados, spring-break revelers, real estate investors, developers, speculators and flippers. The rush is just beginning.

As Florida counties go, Bay County is fairly small and has seen only modest growth in recent years, with its population expanding from about 127,000 in 1990 to 155,000 now, according to U.S. Census Bureau numbers. The county traverses a complex of bays (St. Andrews, West, North and East bays) on the Gulf Coast, with access to miles of desirable beaches; it is part of the "Redneck Riviera," to use a term no doubt frowned upon by local boosters, and it draws vacationers and second-home buyers mainly from the rest of the Florida Panhandle and nearby Alabama and Georgia.

It's been that way for decades in Bay County. For one thing, the Interstate system bypasses the area, with the major east-west route I-10 connecting Pensacola to Tallahassee, though a couple of four-lane U.S. routes go to Panama City. More importantly, the current Panama City-Bay County International Airport is small and its capacity is seriously limited.

In fact, at just over 6,300 feet, the airport's main runway is one of the shortest used by commercial airlines in Florida, and the runway safety area (that is, the runway overrun)doesn't meet current FAA standards, though it was grandfathered in. Another problem for the current airport is that flight patterns into it are restricted by the presence of two major Air Force bases nearby.

Map of the Bay County area in Florida.
"It was clear by the mid-1990s that something had to be done, and the question was whether the existing airport could be expanded, or there needed to be a new airport, and if so, where," says Randy Curtis, executive director of the Panama City-Bay County Airport and Industrial District (the airport authority). "At first, plans to expand the current runways were seriously considered."

Since the airport is hemmed in on its landward side by residential properties, expansion would have meant expanding into St. Andrews Bay, a prospect that conservation groups vigorously opposed. Not only that, any runways close to the bay are vulnerable to storm-surge damage, a risk long acknowledged but which the hurricane season of 2005 impressed more fully on the entire Gulf Coast. Because of these concerns, the FAA eventually nixed any expansion of the existing facility. A new airport was the way to go.

But where? That's where Jacksonville-based St. Joe Co. comes into this story, as a sine qua non of a new airport, or really any major development in the area. Though it isn't well known outside Florida, the St. Joe Co. (NYSE: JOE) is the largest private landowner in the state, holding roughly a million acres, which is even larger than the much more famous Disney holdings. Most of St. Joe's land is in the Panhandle, and includes about half of Bay County.

JOE's Florida land empire, acquired by a scion of the DuPont family and his partners in the early decades of the 20th century, used to serve mainly as a source of raw material for the company's paper mills. As such, the company's holdings went largely undeveloped. But in the late 1990s, the company began to transform itself by divesting its industrial operations and becoming a real estate company. Since 1998, the company has developed about 4 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate in Florida.

Early on it became apparent that the company's interests as a landowner in Bay County and the airport authority's interest in finding a new home dovetailed. St. Joe had the raw land, and the airport represented a way to spur development of the company's holdings.


The new Panama City Bay County airport will cost $312 million.

"The idea is simple, but the planning was complicated," says Curtis, referring to the airport relocation. With plenty of bad examples of sprawl elsewhere in the state, the laws governing large-scale developments were changed in 1998 with the goal of bringing some semblance of master planning to projects as large as the redevelopment of Bay County. It isn't clear yet if the new laws will serve as checks on sprawl, but in any case they've helped fashion the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport.

Instead of piecemeal zoning and approval for a new airport and the surrounding commercial development, the project is going to follow a blueprint known as the West Bay Sector Plan, essentially an agreement between the state and county about what goes where. The centerpiece of the plan, the new airport, will go on undeveloped land near West Bay, but not too near, to protect it from hurricane damage.

Beginning in 2001, the West Bay Sector Plan took about a year and a half to hammer out. It included negotiations between the state and local governments, dozens of public hearings, and vocal input from various conservation groups, such as the Nature Conservancy, which was brought in as an independent consultant during the process. All together, the plan covers roughly 75,000 acres, about 30,000 of which, mostly waterfront along West Bay, are being reserved as a conservation area. This set-aside is the state's "single biggest land conservation effort by a private company," writes Daniel Shaw, an assistant county manager and director of development services for Bay County. "The preservation area included at West Bay is roughly the same size as all of Bay County's existing cities combined."

St. Joe donated about 4,000 acres for the airport itself, and another 9,800 acres as a conservation easement. Since much of the rest of the land in the West Bay Sector (along with acreage outside the plan) will be ripe for commercial and residential development by St. Joe (or those it might sell sites to), the donation represents an astute investment in the company's growth as a real estate developer. According to Jerry Ray, a spokesman for St. Joe, the company already has entitlements for more than 1,000 acres of commercial development and 6,000 residential units near the new airport. That will just be the beginning for the giant landholder.


St. Joe donated 4000 acres for the airport itself.

"The record of decision by the FAA on the new airport is expected in September," Ray notes; that would represent the final go-ahead for project. "The state permits are in hand, the land use entitlements are in place, and the financing for construction will be finalized after the record of decision. The airport project has a lot of momentum now."

If all goes according to schedule, the airport will be completed by late 2008. Like the current airport, it will have two runways (with expansion room for a third), but they will be considerably longer than the existing ones. There will also be terminals and other facilities totaling 100,000 square feet. Funding for the $312 million project will be roughly divided in thirds between the federal and state governments, and local sources.

"The new airport's going to be an enormous spur to growth of this area," says Ray. "There will be a significant increase in passenger service to and from the Midwest and the Northeast especially. The populations of those regions represent prime markets for residential real estate in this part of the state, which still has a lot of room to grow."

Curtis agrees, and draws a parallel to the growth experienced by the Ft. Myers, Fla. area in the years after the completion of the Southwest Florida International Airport in 1983. From 1990 to 2000, the population of Lee County (Ft. Myers is the county seat) grew 31.6%, according to the Census Bureau, besting the overall Florida average population growth of 23.5% during the same period. By 2004, Lee County's population had topped 514,000, making it the 89th-fastest growing county in the nation.

"The planning process isn't the same, but in a lot of other ways the situation is comparable to Ft. Myers 25 years ago," says Curtis. "The relocation of the airport is going to be the trigger to remake the entire Bay County area."


Is PCB Ready? Feb 2005
Many people are asking this question as Panama City Beach prepares for a condo development explosion the likes of which Northwest Florida has never seen.

By Daphne Shannon

The condo industry in Northwest Florida is abuzz. People are talking. But, to the surprise of many, the buzz isn't about Destin or South Walton County, or even recent "hot property" Perdido Key. The buzz is about Panama City Beach. Long decried as "past its prime" and viewed by many as the area's "dirty little secret," Panama City Beach, with almost 20 confirmed condominium projects in the works, is poised to go from stepsister to Cinderella in a very short period of time.

Jimmy Lewis of Lewis Development and Management Co. in Birmingham, Ala., has developed condominiums along Florida's Northern Gulf Coast from Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach to Fort Walton Beach, Destin and South Walton County. Now, he is developing Majestic Beach Towers on Panama City Beach's Front Beach Road.

"I've been building on this coast for 20 years. And all that time, we've been hearing that we're running out of beach—well, now, we've really gotten to that point. Yet, people still want to come to Florida and buy condos," Lewis said. "Honestly, I've combed the coast, and Panama City Beach is the last horizon of beachfront property. People go where the developers go, and right now, the developers are going to Panama City Beach."

Redevelopment is, according to most industry insiders, the key to Panama City Beach's boom of condo industry growth, as more and more old beach hotels are being bought and demolished to make room for new condo developments. For example, Majestic Beach Towers will replace the old Majestic Motel. "We bought an old, run-down property and are going to replace it with a great product," Lewis said. "Panama City Beach is at the economic crossroads where a number of old hotels have outlived their usefulness, and the gulf front they sit on is prime. Gulf front is really what people want, and that's what Panama City Beach has to offer through redevelopment. We're not pioneering here—we're rebuilding. You have to look past what it looks like now and think about what it will be."

Mel Leonard, director of building and planning for Panama City Beach, said, "What has worked against Panama City Beach for so long—the old, run-down hotels along the beach—seems to now be working for it. Since the coastline is running out of new development opportunities, developers are having to look at redevelopment. They are saying, 'Where can we make something work?' and Panama City Beach is the answer to that question."

Bob Warren, president/CEO of the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, agreed. "It's a prime opportunity. Real estate has really skyrocketed on our beach. We see this area as the area for growth in the state of Florida right now," Warren said, adding that one industry official recently estimated that there is $1.2 billion worth of construction in the works in the Panama City Beach area right now.

Garrett McNeil is vice president and director of operations for Cornerstone Development Group, developers of Sterling Beach, a condo complex currently under construction in the Panama City Beach area.

"Panama City Beach already offers a lot of what Destin has to offer—a beautiful beach, family attractions, shopping, etc., and the city is doing a fantastic job of trying to bring more tourists to the area. The area is experiencing a little bit of what Destin went through a decade or so ago. Right now is the right time at the right price in Panama City Beach. By placing Sterling Beach in Panama City Beach, we're able to offer luxury condos—large units with unbelievable amenities—and still deliver them to customers at a great price, allowing them to realize a great investment," McNeil said.

"We love the market—we're very high on it," he continued, adding that Sterling Beach will be completed in the first quarter of 2003 and that Cornerstone is already making plans for its next Panama City Beach condo property, Sterling Reef. He said the development was recently made available to Cornerstone's preferred buyers (those who have purchased through their development group before), and 90 percent of the units, representing roughly $28 million in sales, were sold almost immediately. "We obviously feel very strongly about Panama City Beach," he said.


Preparing For Growth

Thousands of new condo units in Panama City Beach are expected to bring hundreds of thousands more visitors, and some have questioned whether Panama City Beach is ready for that kind of evolution. As far as the city's physical structure is concerned, Lewis does not feel Panama City Beach will miss a beat. He said, "You're going to see a tremendous amount of influx, not only in properties, but also in the number of people coming to this area. But, one thing we really like about Panama City Beach is that because the city is not being newly developed, the infrastructure is already in place," he said, noting that Panama City Beach's three main roadway arteries—Front Beach Road, Middle Beach Road and Back Beach Road—serve the city very well. In fact, when asked what Panama City Beach would be like in five to 10 years, Lewis said, jokingly, "Destin, but with better roads."

Others are not quite as exuberant as Lewis, but they still feel that Panama City Beach has the tools needed to handle growth in a positive manner. Leonard deals with the inner workings of Panama City Beach's infrastructure on a daily basis and said he feels the city is prepared and is planning properly. "So far, there's still room to grow, and there's a certain level of impact already there because this is redevelopment," he said. "This influx of development will only heighten the city's infrastructure—we will have construction that meets codes, buried utilities, sidewalks, attractive landscaping—all positives for the city."

Don O'Donniley, director of development services for Bay County, emphasized that development itself must step up in order to assure that the area's infrastructure can keep pace with its growth. He said, "We do not currently have impact fees, aside from wholesale water impact fees, and that's going to factor into the equation soon—development is going to have to help pay its way."

Warren said, "We had the governor [Gov. Jeb Bush] in town the other day to speak to the TDC [Bay County Tourist Development Council], and he voiced concerns about infrastructure issues. We're completely broadening the scope of this destination, and we have to be prepared for it. We have to be able to make adjustments, and of course, we're looking for partnerships with development to do this. I think we have some problems, but we are addressing them. And, the positives will be tremendous."

Aside from infrastructure preparedness, some in the industry have wondered if Panama City Beach, with a year-round population of only around 5,000, truly understands the major changes that are around the corner. Tom Sparks is vice president of association operations for Edgewater Beach Resort Management and president of the North Gulf Coast Chapter of Community Associations Institute. Edgewater Beach Resort has been a condominium mainstay in Panama City Beach since its inception in the early 1980s. He said, "The majority [of Panama City Beach residents and longtime investors] are not aware of the huge changes we are in for. This is really an explosion of properties. Some people might say, 'Well, development's really just going to be on the beach,' but it will really affect our whole area. It's going to be a bridge to bridge phenomenon," Sparks said, referring to the fact that Panama City Beach is "bookended" by the Hathaway Bridge leading to Panama City and the Phillips Inlet Bridge that leads from Bay County into Walton County.

Warren agreed. "I'm not certain that they are totally prepared for this. The day-to-day person probably does not realize the extent of the development that is going to occur."

But O'Donniley said that because of extensive coverage by local media of the incoming development and the demise of many of the "mom and pop" beach hotels, locals may be more prepared than some think. "There's been quite a bit of coverage, especially in the [Panama City] News-Herald," he said. "They understand what's going on, and we have seen some opposition, specifically to the high rises—concerns of over-crowdedness, sort of a 'we'll be driven out of our house' attitude."

O'Donniley said he and other officials understand the needs of both sides and are working to stringently "follow the regulatory rules that are already in place" and "are looking at a new set of regulations" addressing issues such as height limits, zoning districts, set-backs, etc.

Lewis said, "I don't know if locals understand exactly what is coming down the pike. But, from what I can tell, these [developments] are being well received. I have not personally seen any of the anti-development sentiment, which is part of living in Florida, it seems. Some people want to close the door behind them."

Lewis said he doesn't feel Panama City Beach is taking on too much too soon. "I don't feel like we're over building. Markets can always change, but the well-located properties, especially, in this case, gulf-front properties, will always do well. What we are seeing is that the interest is there—supply meets demand."

Sparks said, "Of course, there's a little concern that it may be too many too quickly. And, to the retirees down at Laguna Beach [an unincorporated beach area west of Panama City Beach], the development is a bad thing. To them, this is the end of their quaint little village. But, it's all in your perspective. Certainly, so many of us know the great things this growth will do for our area."


What Does This Mean For PCB?

Ready or not, condo development is coming to Panama City Beach in a big way, and there's no doubt that it will have a huge impact on the city. Some in the industry have joked that Panama City Beach seems to be struggling with a split personality—is it the number one Spring Break Hangout in the World as The Travel Channel claims it to be, or is it an upscale, family-oriented beach resort destination? Well, the answer, according to some, is both—for the time being. While Panama City Beach has long had a love-hate relationship with its "Spring Break Headquarters" image (Spring Break does bring in more than 500,000 visitors in less than 40 days), it's obvious that officials are working to wean the city from its dependence on Spring Break and value-oriented customers.

"[Growth] has the potential to change the make-up of our visitors and get the highest and best use of our property," Leonard said. Lewis echoed those sentiments: "What this means for Panama City Beach is that development is going to bring in a better element."

Warren concluded, "Panama City Beach has always been a value-oriented destination and that may not be the case anymore. [In five to 10 years], what you are going to see is a destination that has grown, one that is seeing a new clientele, and a destination that has even more to offer in terms of retail, restaurants and attractions. We're going to see a destination that is maturing at a rate beyond any other destination in the state. I see a whole new Panama City Beach, a first class destination."




- Sixteen-Screen Multiplex to be Largest in Area -

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (September 12, 2006) – Simon Property Group, Inc. (NYSE:SPG) announced today that Southern Theatres, LLC has begun construction on the Grand 16 Theatre at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, FL. The 16 screen-3,200-seat multiplex movie theatre will be the largest in the Panama City Beach, Panama City, Destin and Ft. Walton area.

The Pier Park Grand Theatre will include stadium seating, digital sound, high back rocker seats on 18-inch risers, three concession areas, a specialty café and a game room. The theatre is scheduled to open in May 2007.

“The Grand Theatre will be a perfect fit for our customers at Pier Park,” said Tim Kushner, regional vice president of development at SPG. “They will be able to choose from the most current films in a first-class environment.”

“We are looking forward to opening this state-of-the-art movie theatre in Pier Park. We are confident that our patrons will experience first-hand our total commitment to customer service and enjoy watching a movie in this theatre which features the latest technology and amenities available,” said George Solomon, of Southern Theatres, LLC. The new theater complex will be designed by Beck Architecture of Dallas, Texas. The contractor is Mapp Construction of Baton Rouge, LA.

Pier Park is a much-anticipated 900,000 square-foot retail and entertainment complex located on 93 acres that covers land from Front Beach Road (at the City Pier) to the heavily-traveled Highway 98. Target kicks off Phase I of Pier Park when it opens for business in October.

Simon Property Group, Inc., an S&P 500 company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a real estate investment trust engaged in the ownership, development and management of retail real estate, primarily regional malls, Premium Outlet® centers and community/lifestyle centers. The Company's current total market capitalization is approximately $42 billion. Through its subsidiary partnership, it currently owns or has an interest in 284 properties in the United States containing an aggregate of 200 million square feet of gross leasable area in 38 states plus Puerto Rico. Simon also owns interests in 52 European shopping centers in France, Italy, and Poland; 5 Premium Outlet centers in Japan; and one Premium Outlet center in Mexico. Additional Simon Property Group information is available at www.simon.com. Simon Property Group, Inc. is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol SPG.

Southern Theatres, LLC currently owns and operates 123 screens in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and North Carolina. In addition to Pier Park, upcoming projects include a Grand Theatre in Slidell, LA, New Iberia, LA, Lafayette, LA, and Greensboro, NC. Southern Theatres, LLC is responsible for the development and daily operations of these theatres and is backed by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS), a New York and London based investment firm. For additional information: http://www.thegrandtheatre.com/.  


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Panama City Beach Statistics

I was doing some digging and found some interesting stats on pcbeach.org.
  • 27 miles of world famous white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico
  • 6 million tourists
  • Direct tourist expenditures of $537 million
  • $1.5 billion economic impact from tourism
  • $163 million in accommodation sales
  • $413 million in goods and services
  • Over 14,000 local jobs
  • 612,602 households within a 100 mile radius of Panama City Beach
  • 14 miles to Panama City and 41 miles to Destin

Visitor Profile

  • Overnight leisure travel is 77% of all traveler spending in Panama City Beach
  • Panama City Beach travel parties include 3.11 persons; families account for the largest number of travelers
  • The average length of stay is 4.1 nights
  • 82% of visitors to the area arrive via automobile
  • 74% of Panama City Beach visitors have visited the destination more than once

Awards for Panama City Beach

  • #4 Most Popular Vacation Rental Destination - Hotels.com - 2004
  • Top Beach - American Coastal Coalition - 2002
  • #3 Golf Town un the US - Golf Digest Magazine - 2002
  • Clean Beach Award - The Clean Beaches Council - 2002
  • #3 Beach in America - The Surfrider Foundation - 2000
  • Top Five "Best Beaches" - Southern Living - 2000
  • #1 Beach - Dr. Beach (Stephen Letherman) - 1995

Top Markets for Panama City Beach Tourism

  • Top Ten States: Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan
  • Top Five Cities: Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Knoxville, Louisville
  • Top Market Segments: Leisure traveler, sports market, special events winter residents, and meetings and conventions

This article was in the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce news (The Circuit) Nov. 2006  (click here to see The Circuit)

When completed in 2009, the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport will open travel channels throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, making Panama City Beach one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world.

*The new runway will eventually be between 10,000 and 12,000 feet. The current airport
has the shortest commercial runway in the state of Florida, at about 6,300 feet.
*All major airlines have expressed great interest in our new airport, but the most interest
has come from Southwest airlines. They are definitely coming to the Panhandle,
it’s just a question of where. They’re watching our project very closely, and
say our time frame coincides with theirs.
*The longer runway will open up our area to the Latin American markets for
cargo operations, and will attract other businesses and industry to our area.
*The A380 is the new jet being manufactured by Airbus. It can carry up to 800 passengers,
but its most practical use will be in the cargo industry. The Vice President of Airbus travelled
from France to meet with engineers on our airport project over a year ago, and minor
changes were made to the design. This will make our airport the only U.S. site that will
not have to perform a retrofit to accommodate this new plane. UPS and FEDEX have both
ordered 10 A380s each, and the Bay County Economic Development Alliance is currently
in discussions with both companies about locating a major part of their operations here.
*At 4,000 acres, the new airport site will be larger that Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. Approximately
1,500 acres will be developed initially, but there will be plenty of room for expansion.
*There is industrial/commercial space already incorporated in the design of the airport, and
St. Joe will have another adjacent industrial / commercial site as well. The potential to
attract high-end, technical industry and research and development is as good as you’ll
find anywhere in the country. Our quality of life, paired with improved transportation and
the business opportunities that are available, will set the stage for a major economic boom
in Bay County.
*This will be the first airport built since 9/11, so Homeland Security is very
interested in testing out new security measures here. Tech companies
from around the world will see this as somewhat of a test lab for new technology
and an opportunity to work closely with Homeland Security.
*This project is of major interest across the nation and around the world
because it will be the first airport built in the United States in almost 20 years. It takes a
very long time to get through the approval process for this type of project, and at this
time no one else is in the pipeline yet, which means there won’t be another airport built for
at least 10 to 15 years.

Please forward this page to everyone you know.

By the way did you know you can buy gulf front property at 70 cents on the dollar today compared to 2005 prices?


We have all seen media notes regarding new venues as they are released at Pier Park; however, no mention was ever made as to the retailers, etc. that are actually planned. So, here they are. 
Pier Park ...
Pier Park is positioned to become the 'new downtown' for Panama City. It is a
900,000 square-foot/93 acre outdoor mall, running from Front Beach Road at the
Pier, to the heavily traveled Highway 98.

The retail destination will mix higher-end shopping, dining and entertainment.
Construction has begun on 'Southern Theatres' Grand 16 Theatre, which is
scheduled to open in summer 2007, and there is a Target store currently open for
business. The Grand Opening of a large section of the project is scheduled for
spring 2008.
Economic Impact ...                                                                                                                     
When Pier Park opens, the trade area population is projected to be approximately
150,000 and is expected to rise to 170,000 by 2010. The annual growth rate of
4.5 percent will be more than four times the national average of 0.9 percent.
Retail Description ...
Restaurants and retailers scheduled to open in the development include: Back
Porch Seafood House, Reggae J's Island Grill, Ron Jon's Surf Shop, Panera Bread,
Old Navy, Johnny Rockets, Longhorn Steakhouse, Starbucks, Dillards, Borders,
Ruby Tuesday, AmSouth Bank. VanGuard Bank, Margaritaville, Subway, Ben and
Jerry's Ice Cream, Guglielmo's Italian Restaurant, Camille's, Planet Beach
Tanning, Coldwater Creek, White House Black Market, The Loft and American
Eagle. Proposed businesses include: Black and White, Chicos, Cheesecake
Factory, PF Chang, Fresh Market, Bungalow's Mens Wear, Shipwreck LTD, Solace
Day Spa, Mole Hole, Learning Express, Gymboree and Gamestop.








~Democrats oppose $16 billion dollars worth of property tax relief for homeowners and businesses~


TALLAHASSEE- Today the Florida House of Representatives, led by the Republican Majority, passed a historic property tax relief and reform package that will

cut property taxes for every property owner in Florida by almost $32 billion dollars statewide over the next five years.


“Republicans have a simple message for Florida’s property owners: help is on the way” said House Speaker Marco Rubio (R-West Miami). “The $32 billion dollars

 in relief will make a real difference in the lives of Floridians – this isn’t just a first step forward, it is the first giant leap forward – still, House Republicans believe more

can be done. There is more waste to be cut from government, government can provide greater value to the taxpayers, there are more taxpayer protections that must

be put in place, and there are greater tax savings that this Legislature can provide to Floridians.”


Added Speaker Rubio, “The only limits to our future success as a state are the unfair limits government applies to our people through unnecessary taxation – it will be

the charge of this body, as long as I preside over it, to destroy those barriers to prosperity.”


The centerpiece of the plan is the constitutional amendment that Florida voters will vote on January 29, 2008. House Joint Resolution 3B will provide the greatest

savings for Florida’s homeowners by creating a “Super Homestead” exemption which will provide an average 44% reduction on most homeowners tax bills.

The constitutional amendment eliminates inequities in our current property tax system, provides Tangible Personal Property (TPP) tax relief to Florida’s businesses

 and eliminates 77%  - more than 1 million – of Florida’s small businesses from the TPP tax rolls. businesses helps businesses by pumping more money into our

economy, and help non-homestead owners by lowering the barriers to homeownership, and lets property owners choose how their homes will be taxed in the future.


“Make no mistake, anyone who voted against the constitutional amendment voted against targeted property tax relief for homeowners, and voted against letting the

 people choose,” said Majority Leader Adam Hasner (R-Delray Beach).


The property tax relief and reform package approved today also includes a statutory tax relief bill, House Bill 1B, that will immediately cut taxes and cap future tax

increases for all property owners; limit local governments’ ability to unnecessarily raise taxes in the future; and provides immediate savings to homeowners, second

homeowners, and commercial property owners.



The bills approved today:


HJR 3B by Representative Cannon “Property Tax: Constitutional Relief & Reform”


·         Offers $16 billion of tax relief over five years.

The savings by property type in 2008 are:

o       Average Homestead switching from Save Our Homes: 44% ($1,306)

o       Average Non-homestead Residential: 8% ($245)

o       Average Commercial/Industrial: 8% ($1,240)

o       Average Tangible Personal Property savings: 17% ($262)


·         Allows homeowners to choose between Save Our Homes or the new plan.

o       No one will lose their current Save Our Homes protections unless they choose to.

o       Homeowners will be allowed to choose between their current Save Our Homes protections or the new, “Super Homestead” and expanded taxpayer

protections under the constitutional amendment.

o       This creates a form of portability for homeowners who would otherwise lose significant tax savings when they move.

o       Rather than starting over with only a $25,000 homestead exemption and zero Save Our Homes protections, the homeowner would immediately have

 a homestead exemption up to $195,000 as soon as they move in.


·         Creates a new “Super Homestead” exemption to transform the inequitable Florida property tax system.

o       The new exemption covers 75% of the first $200,000 of value and 15% of the next $300,000.

o       Thus, the maximum super exemption is $195,000.

o       All homesteads will receive at least a $50,000 exemption.

o       Qualifying low-income seniors will receive at least a $100,000 exemption.

o       The upper $500,000 threshold is indexed to grow with changes in Florida personal income, which generally increases 4% per year.


·         Authorizes a new $25,000 Tangible Personal Property (TPP) exemption for businesses.

o       This creates immediate savings of hundreds of dollars for TPP-paying business owners.

o       It also eliminates the administrative burden of filing a tax return for $1 million of Florida’s 1.3 million businesses that pay tangible personal.


·         Authorizes targeted relief for affordable housing and working waterfront properties. Implements tax reform and relief for 2008 tax bills, provided

the Legislature votes for a special election in January 2008 (HB 5B).


HB 1B by Representative Attkisson Property Tax: Immediate Statutory Relief”


·         Creates meaningful and immediate tax relief for all properties in Florida this year.

o       Homestead property owners save an average of 7% ($174).

o       Non-homestead residential property owners save an average of 7% ($199).

o       Commercial/industrial property owners save an average of 6% ($941).

o       Tangible personal property taxpayers save an average of 6% ($92).


·         Requires all local governments except school districts to cut taxes this year.

o       First, cities, counties, and independent special districts must reduce taxes for the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year by adopting the 2006-2007 tax levy, adjusted

for new construction (i.e., adopt the rolled-back rate).

o       Next, cities and counties must further reduce taxes by a factor based on whether they have recently levied property taxes responsibly or excessively,

compared to a statewide average. The reduction factor will be 3%, 5%, 7%, or 9%.

o       All independent special districts are required to implement the 3% reduction factor.


·         Requires all local governments except school districts to cap annual property tax revenue growth.

o       Property tax revenue growth will only be allowed to increase in proportion to population growth (i.e., new construction) and growth of Florida personal

income (which averages 4% annually).

o       A revenue cap creates unprecedented protections for all Florida properties – especially commercial properties and non-homestead residential

properties, which currently have no specific protection.


·         Protects taxpayers while allowing local flexibility by requiring a rigorous procedure to override the required revenue cap.

o       Depending on the extent to which the local authority wants to exceed the revenue cap, varying supermajority votes are required.

o       A slight increase requires a 2/3 vote, while a larger increase will require either a unanimous vote or approval by local voters.


·         Implements provisions authorized in the constitutional reform plan (HJR 3B).

o       The implemented provisions are:

o       The new “super” homestead exemption.

o       The new homestead exemption for low-income seniors.

o       The grandfathering provisions that allow certain homeowners to maintain Save Our Homes benefits.

o       Homeowners will be allowed to choose between their current Save Our Homes protections or the new, “Super Homestead” and expanded taxpayer

protections under the constitutional amendment.

o       The new tax protections for affordable housing.





District Office

Suite A

455 Harrison Ave.

Panama City, FL  32401







Market woes a matter of perspective

For international chain Engel & Völkers, Florida has never looked better
One of the hottest real estate outfits in Europe is moving into Florida, cherry-picking choice U.S. sites, including Southwest Florida, to ensure an unending supply of high-end properties to Europeans flush with euros and pounds.

After making a name for itself on the Continent, the Hamburg, Germany-based Engel & Völkers plans to open hundreds of its "property shops" aimed at well-heeled clients.

It is going into the Hamptons on Long Island and Hyde Park, the upscale neighborhood in Tampa. A store on Main Street in Sarasota is also in the works, adding to the company's 270 residential property "shops" worldwide.

Within the next decade, Engel & Völkers aims to open at least 200 offices in Florida.

That goal is in stark contrast to today's general view of the state and national real estate market, but speaks volumes about the long-term potential for Florida property.

Keen to satisfy wealthy European clients whose euros and pounds give them immense purchasing power in the struggling U.S. market, Engel & Völkers is pushing forward as other firms are retrenching. The company is moving in despite all the talk of the crisis in sub-prime mortgages, high foreclosure rates, people "upside down" in their two-year-old home purchases and sagging home sales.

Timo Khammash, the Engel & Völkers executive driving the push into Florida, has worked for the company for more than a decade and has relatives in Sarasota -- he even attended Sarasota High School for a few months.

He shrugs off the current state of the market.

"We had more and more of our clientele asking us, 'Why aren't you here?'" he said.

His headquarters is in Naples, but Khammash does laundry in Sarasota. He is one of three managers on the road six days a week courting potential franchisees.

Brand identity

When they opened the doors to their Punta Gorda property shop in October, Martin and Hilde Block, along with partner Greg Loomis, became the first Florida franchisee of Engel & Völkers.

They also are setting up a storefront on Main Street in Sarasota.

Like the Engel & Völkers shops from Argentina to Dubai, the downtown Punta Gorda store is decked out with white wood trim on the outside, giving it somewhat of an old-world look.

Inside, the store is modern and uncluttered, with furniture that is predominately white.

Just as consumers are brand-conscious in picking restaurants and coffee shops, Engel & Völkers executives think they can train potential customers to be brand-conscious in picking a real estate firm, and Block says that brand loyalty is already paying off for him.

The Punta Gorda office is preparing for a visit from a German woman living in Rio De Janiero who is interested in buying a Sarasota-area home. She called the Engel & Völkers agent she knew in Germany, who quickly referred her to the Punta Gorda office.

Since she is a past client, the referral package included not just her name and the properties in which she expressed an interest, but also a customer number.

"We know who this person is before they even come in the door," Dailey said. "We know they can afford it. We know what their tastes are. We know what their status is within their community, and whatever else we are supposed to be sensitive toward."

At Engel & Völkers, the system and the approach to service is paramount. All agents receive the same training and are expected to use it to provide clients with a consistent experience. They use identical software, both for keeping track of clients and for making and getting referrals from the other shops.

"If we sell the house to someone referred to us by the property shop in Prague, a percentage of our earnings goes to that shop," Martin Block said.

Pounds of euros

The U.S. dollar has been in a gradual decline since the beginning of the decade, especially compared with currencies such as the euro and the British pound.

While that is bad for Americans, eroding their global purchasing power, it makes U.S. properties look absolutely juicy to Europeans.

For them, the primary competition for a piece of Florida beachfront might be coastal Spain.

There, real estate has appreciated strongly and "there are no currency discounts," for European buyers, said Lawrence Yun, senior economist of the National Association of Realtors.

In July, the dollar hit a 26-year low as measured by the British pound, and an all time low against the euro. It takes roughly $1.37 to buy a euro, and $2.05 to buy a British pound.

"From a British point of view, Florida real estate is selling at a 40 percent discount," Yun said during a recent trip to Southwest Florida.

Dailey, the Engel & Völkers franchisee in Naples, knows full well the impact of the currency factor.

"In many cases, people from Europe or Great Britain can buy a million-dollar beachfront property for, in essence $500,000, when you consider the exchange rate discrepancies and the soft market," Dailey said.

"They are more bullish on us than we are."






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36. www.HarrisonsWalk.net                  Purchase Brand New Foreclosed Homes and Lots. (taking bids soon)
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39. www.HolidayBeachPCB.com          See all homes for sale in Holiday Beach off Thomas Drive
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41. www.HotBeachBuys.com            See the best priced beach property at Panama City Beach & Destin
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58. www.MRRealEstateInc.com          Redirected to GoCitiStar.com
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70. www.PCBRE.COM                       Search Panama City Beach Real Estate
71. www.PCBREO.com                    Bank owned properties web site for Banks and asset managers.
72. www.PCBParkway.com                See commercial land and buildings for sale on (AKA. Hwy 98, Back Beach RD.,  Panama City Beach Pkwy.)
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84. www.SolimarPC.com                   Preconstruction On Hold
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88. www.STARLA.NET                         Decor and Real Estate
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98. www.ThePalmsOfFreeport.com     62 Foreclosed Town Homes in Freeport between Panama City and Destin
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112. www.77Highway.com                See all property for sale on Hwy 77 in Panama City, lynnhaven & Southport

More to come


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113. www.CitiStarCommercialDIV.com Our main commercial web site
114. www.CommercialLandPC.com      See all commercial land and building listings in mls.
115. www.FrontBeachRd.com             See commercial and single family listings on Front Beach Rd.
116. www.LeaseLincolnCenter.com     See lease space at Lincoln Center on Hwy 98 & Jenks Ave PC
117. www.LeaseMirabellaSquare.com  See lease space at Mirabella Square at 7328 Thomas Dr
118. www.Highway231.com               See commercial properties on Hwy 231   
119. www.PCBParkway.com               See commercial properties on Hwy 98, Back Beach Rd
119. www.77Highway.com                 See commercial properties on Hwy 77, Lynnhaven



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